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no-C-em (pronounced no see 'em) is an exciting game for 3-4 players which is based on simple rules, yet has no limit of entertaining possibilities. Think four player checkers. The name no-C-em came about because the game is filled with wild moves that you just don't see coming.

no-C-em vs regular checkers

learn no-C-em four player checkers This page gives a quick run down of how no-C-em four player checkers compares to regular checkers in a couple quick points.

You can also learn how to play no-C-em four player checkers by watching a short 3 minute video.

We like checkers because of its simplicity, but also think it is improved significantly in no-C-em four player checkers. Keep on reading to see our reasons!

To jump or not to jump?

regular checkers

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In regular checkers you have to jump another piece if you are able to, even if it sets you up for a big fall! This leads to a game where one person pretty much drives the game and the other person doesn't even get to choose where to move. BORING!


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In no-C-em, you get to be strategic with which pieces you jump and when! You're in control.

Can the underdog win?

regular checkers

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Once someone gets the upper hand in checkers, the other player might as well quit. There just isn't much chance of winning anymore and neither player has much fun.


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You'll be surprised to see the number of times the under dog player comes back to win the game! This is because you only need to get a single piece to the opposite end of the board and back - it's a race! Each of the 4 players wants to win so they team up to stop the person in the lead from winning. Everyone then has a chance to win right until the end!

and the winner is?

Our beef with checkers basically boils down to the fact that the game is too predictable and generally not very fun once someone gains the upper hand. We tried many different rule variations in creating no-C-em and are happy to say we think we've got a fun, suprising, and challenging game!

We are also super biased because we love no-C-em and think everyone should try it. Feel free to send us your thoughts on our comparison.