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no-C-em (pronounced no see 'em) is an exciting game for 3-4 players which is based on simple rules, yet has no limit of entertaining possibilities. Think four player checkers. The name no-C-em came about because the game is filled with wild moves that you just don't see coming.
learn no-C-em four player checkers

Learn in 3 minutes or less!

Click here to see a video showing how to play no-C-em four player checkers in only 3 minutes!

no-C-em four player checkers rules

Simple rule set

The entire set of rules is only two pages (with pictures), but you should really watch the video above first!

learn no-C-em four player checkers

normal Checkers vs no-C-em?

How does no-C-em 4 player checkers stack up against classic 2 player checkers? Click here to find out.