no-C-em Video Spotlight

Learn no-C-em 4 player checkers in 3 minutes

Learn no-C-em in 3 minutes!

Click here to see a video showing you how to play no-C-em four player checkers in under 3 minutes.

Not your average game of checkers!

Learn no-C-em 4 player checkers in 3 minutes

no-C-em vs. regular checkers (round 1)

How does no-C-em 4 player checkers stack up against regular 2 player checkers? Click here to find out.

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Learn about the game

  • Learn in 3 minutes or less with videos
  • Download the rules in pdf form
  • no-C-em vs normal checkers. Round 1!

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See how the game is made

  • Our boards are printed in Manitoba
  • non-toxic water based inks
  • shipped in a biodegradeable bag

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no-C-em (pronounced no see 'em) is an exciting game for up to four players which is based on simple rules, yet has no limit of entertaining possibilities. Think four player checkers. The name no-C-em came about because the game is filled with wild moves that you just don't see coming.